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OS Love – Introduction

Welcome to the Genius Alliance blog page!

This is where you will witness my process and come to understand more about this website and how it is designed to influence Life here on Earth right NOW! I’ll share information that is of interest to me, concerns, questions, and I’ll invite you to take specific action steps if you are so moved. I’ll post about many of the wonderful opportunities to join with others as we forge a new way of human being. I’ll also share as I discover all there is to celebrate about this dynamic time. I’ll invite guests to blog and together we’ll create a sacred relationship space.

For many years, I have been on a quest.
Since early childhood, I have lived in awe of this complex world I was born into, a world that is inhabited by a stunning array of Life.
As I grew up, I wondered, “Why do people hurt and kill each other and why do people destroy the natural world?”

Over time, I came to know myself more deeply and seemed to find my answer on that inner journey.
I found that people who had been wounded often wounded others and themselves.
I found that people who had found inner peace were able to meet others, and Life as a whole, with kindness, patience, and Love.

As we careen closer and closer to the brink, as the human species uses up natural capital at alarming rates, it seems very clear to me that we are in desperate need of a new human operating system. I call this OS LOVE.

I believe this operating system must first take hold within each person, that the power of authentic Love and inner knowing will guide humans to a new awareness of authentic power. As my mentor Gay Hendricks recently shared, “Power is really about how much of yourself do you have access to?…What we’re after is a new…power that comes from deep knowledge of yourself, deep ability to resonate with yourself, and in that, then, being able to resonate with the depths of other people and thereby have relationships that take on that sacred quality.”

I propose that relationships of sacred quality must be forged with ourselves, with other humans and with all of Life if we are to successfully find our way through this time of unprecedented transformation.

I will have more to say about this as I continue to share my vision of OS LOVE in the days to come.

To Life!


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