About Mari Heart – Catalyst for The Genius Alliance

BA, MATL, Certified Life and Transformation Coach, Certified HeartMath One to One Provider

I’m a transformational activist, dedicated to supporting this crucial time in human evolution. I have created this website on behalf of my children, grandchildren and all children of all species. As a long-time educator, I care deeply about our responsibility to offer the best we have to future generations. I’m passionate about encouraging the leading edge of human consciousness by connecting people with the resources that can support their inquiries and actions.

It’s my vision that this website become a hub for co-creation: with each other, with our natural world, and the spiritual and energetic laws of the cosmos.

This Alliance is about recognizing, honoring, and cultivating our intrinsic interdependence. We’re at a critical point in our history, and are being invited to take bold, decisive actions that arise from our body wisdom, inner knowing, and hearts.

It’s about integrating what’s within and what’s without.

It’s about teaching new ways to dance — with each other, with Earth, with the cosmos, and with ourselves as divine beings having a human experience.

It’s about shifting from our old patterns and preconceived notions and expanding into new ways of thinking, being, and moving.

It’s about integrating the important conversations in neuroscience, history, nutrition, education, the arts, healing, consciousness, spirituality, and more — so that we can create the understanding we need so we become change agents for a sustainable and regenerative human presence on Earth.

I’ve experienced first hand the darkness we humans are capable of. I spent years reconciling personal trauma, going through the motions of life, always sensing something else is possible.

I am extremely grateful for the teachings of the Dalai Lama, which I discovered in the 90’s. I started meditating regularly and began studying Buddhism. I trained in Nonviolent Communication and Waldorf education. I also began reading books on chaos theory and particle physics — unusual for an elementary educator, perhaps. It all seems to fit together to me. I am thrilled about all we know — and also how little we know.

The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery. ~ Anais Nin

Supported by new awareness and my study in the Hendricks Institute Leadership and Transformation program, I began a path back to Self, back to harmony with natural laws, back to living and loving myself and others consciously and in a fully embodied way. From this return arose the desire to support a global shift in consciousness. I collaborate and work with, various organizations including: The Pachamama Alliance, The HeartMath Institute, and the Evolutionary Collective.

Despite all the bumps along the way, my course seems clear: I am here to serve the Great Turning in any way I can.  This has brought me to the creation of the Genius Alliance.  May it be of service.

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