Who are We?

Why on Earth are we Here?

How can we find our way back to balance, health, and joy?

The Genius Alliance arose from questions like these. If you’re wondering similar things, you’re in the right place!

Here you’ll find inspiration, passionate community, and opportunities to create more conscious, loving action.

These are times of great change and opportunity. The stakes are high, and it’s up to us to create a future where we all flourish.

Despite all of our online connections, we’ve become desperately disconnected from the web of life that nourishes us: our Earth, our hands, our human family.

The invitation of our time is to weave ourselves back into the web.

It’s time to…
…practice regenerative ways of being with the Earth, incorporating ancient and modern wisdom.
…create more loving relationships with ourselves, our beloveds, and all of life.
…experience more enlightened ways of being with the grand scheme of the cosmos.

By gathering together, both online and in person, we can accomplish unimaginable things. We can share ideas, celebrate triumphs, encourage those who struggle, and take meaningful action, together. Our survival depends on it.

Welcome to your home for…

::Inquiry that expands our minds, enriches our view, and encourages us to ask the most important questions of our times.
:: Action to breathe life into our dreams and visions. For it’s only with conscious, meaningful engagement that we’ll create a new, more loving world.
:: Celebration of what we’re creating and accomplishing, focusing our energy on positivity and love.

This is a co-creative exploration of the most important questions facing us today.

A collaborative unfolding into ever-widening possibilities of human expression.

A garden of inspiration, a hub of information, a springboard to action.

It’s a portal, connecting kindred souls to the resources, events, and information that will best support our inquiry.


Ways to Get Involved

::Check out the Blog for the latest news, events, and revelations.
::Discover Events and transformational community conversations. Keep current on the local and the global, and take action now!

If you’re reading this, you’re already a part of this global awakening. You’re a genius! Join the alliance and help create conscious, positive change.


The very nature of our humanity, even in resistance, guides Us steadily toward our becoming. As We look to see who is in the middle of the river with Us, it can be a challenge to face into the knowing that some are still attempting to cling to the shore. Be of good heart. They, too, will ultimately be swept up and carried along by the current. The river of Love and Light flows into infinity. Blessings.